Training and further educational programs

More and more small and medium-sized businesses recognize the value of "tailor-made" and need-based training for their employees, being executed inside the company. The advantages for companies are obvious: "Especially smaller companies, which must operate flexibly and quickly in their sectors, attach great importance to the up-to-date qualification status of the employees. Often businesses do not have the time to personally take care of planning and organizing those trainings - and thus place these objects in our hands. Each seminar or training is tailored to your business. If necessary, you can take the complete full-service claim or defined process blocks for your employee’s development. The seminars will be held at your company or in a seminar hotel in your area.

Coaching and personal development

One-way solutions have been shown to be ineffective and of short notice. Interventions and solutions must be found and in line with the logic of the client’s systems. A consultant needs knowledge, experience and intuition in relation to the operation modes of the system. He may base the interventions on his own ideas and thereby judge what is "right or wrong".
Structure and process of the client system must be further differentiated in coaching, The subsystems in the environment of the client (eg.: in the family system, training systems, etc.) are to be identified in terms of their relevance.
The basal circularity and the variations of each observed subsystems of the client must be identified. This begs the question: How does the client maintain his problems? What makes sense for the client? For this purpose, the elements, in the case thought and communication patterns, must be identified and reflected.
The conditions for integrating the client’s system, including the environmental- and subsystems must be recorded and evaluated.

Leadership, conflict resolution and team building

A team can be characterized by a group whose mission is to reach a joint goal by dividing labor and responsibility. The better the cooperation in your teams, the more efficient the work performance will turn out. Teambuilding is specifically targeting to train the skills you need as a team in the everyday –business and office. It requires a good working atmosphere, trained professionals and good strategies to cope with problems and conflicts. Your employees will be trained in teamwork skills and according to your personal, company-specific requirements.

Business consultancy and subsidies

Building a business is a complex and challenging task that requires different skills and abilities in the respective phases. To meet those requirements InnovationCoaching support through strategic and operational commercial management, which focuses on clear - commonly defined - GOALS and RESULTS.
We support you in all core commercial areas and thus help you to make your business more efficient. Our know-how expertize will be used to recognize early risks and make them predictable and simultaneously accelerate your business expansion at optimized cost.
Advisory in research funding - FFG: We process your application and support you with all documents needed and project accounting. We offer our know-how, which subsidy funds can be combined optimally for development, investment and innovation-projects to generate the best possible support for your R & D. Furthermore you can book our innovation and project workshops for your company.

Personnel leasing and temporary work agency

Our engineers are serving our clients to cover or substitute the staffing requirements within large-scale projects and peak periods or in the case of illness, vacation or accident. Our employees are used in technical, industrial and commercial areas and are in a permanent employment relationship. Our employees enjoy full social security, regulated by the Austrian Personnel Leasing Act (AÜG) and collective bargaining agreements (KV).

We offer to manage the entire recruitment process by using integrated leasings. Hereby our clients can get to know the staff, and vice versa our staff becomes acquainted with the colleagues and the working environment.
CATRA recruitment is specialized on recruiting technical experts and executives and provides you with applicants for permanent positions for your business. To ensure high-quality recruitment, quality, professionalism, efficiency, consulting competence and cost awareness are our top priorities.