PRODUCTION in Salzburg

CATRA offers a full range of services in automation. We develop a customized solution with you in line with your requirements, technically reliable and cost-oriented.

Benefit from our wide, long-term experience and range of mechanical production in the fields of milling, turning, drilling and welding. As a competent partner, our motivated team offers technical expertise and high-quality mechanical processing. Processing strictly adheres to EN ISO9001:2008.

We exclusively process only materials from leading manufacturers in Europe, all steels, stainless steels, plastics and special materials. Our technically well-trained personnel is ready for any kind of solution. In our assembly hall (12 x 6m) we can develop, build and test machines with technical acceptance before shipment.

• Special design of machine components, machinery and plants based on drawing. Development and construction of prototypes
• Drive technology partially for hydraulic systems, belt drives, gear motors
• Plant engineering for stainless-steel and steel up to NW 500
• Stainless steel parts such as platforms, staircases, ladders, moulded parts as equipment for container, turned and milled parts.
• Sheet metal treatment: steel up to 6mm, stainless steel up to 3mm, cutting and edging, welding and further processed
• Welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, GGG; Welding certificates according to ÖNORM 7800; European welding engineer and - specialist; welding engineer and -practitioner, certified welder
• Partner for laser cutting technique is the Meister GmbH, Gewerbestraße 8, 5221 Lochen

Conventional manufacturing
• TURNING max. Dmr. 450 x max l= 2.500 mm
• MILLING Tischgröße 900 x 450 x 350 mm
• Semi-automatic max. Dmr. 60 x 300 mm batch size 1 – 50.000 pcs.

CNC - manufacturing
• CNC - TURNING Dmr. 450 x 500 mm, driven tools and counter spindle + 4th axe
• NC - TURNING Dmr. 450 x1000 mm, single unit production and production series
• CNC - MILLING 1050 x 400 mm, x,y,z = 600/600/450 3 axes, 4 axes manually