The main focus of this area lies on the automated production of pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements, as well as products from the process, food and chemical industries.
The simulation expertise of CATRA includes all principles and methods necessary for the production and processing of solid and liquid substances. By applying special simulation methods (CFD, DEM, CFD-DEM, FEM, SPH and (PBE based) process simulation) following levels are supported:
- Single process
- Sub-processes / unit operations
- Total processes / complete systems

Specialized on:
- Designing new processes and machines,
- Optimization of existing processes
- Adaptation of existing facilities and systems to new processes or products
- Redevelopment and redesigning of old machinery and equipment

In general, all processes can be simulated with the above-described methods and tools, that are fluid- based (gaseous, liquid), solids-based (powders, granules, pellets) or a combination / interaction of both. We analyze all existing unit operations such as dosing, filling, conveying, mixing, blending, drying, granulating, compacting, coating, filtering, crystallizing, fermenting, etc.
Our methods are mainly used to interpret and optimize processes to save time and money. This applies to the production or maintenance of machinery, but also for the reduction of individual experiments in experimental designs (design of experiments). Thus, the reduction of designspace inevitably leads to experimental complexity and therefore lower costs.