CATRA Foto 02 Homöopatische Anlage

CATRA developed a machine for the production of homeopathic high potencies (05/16)

CATRA has developed a machine for the production of homeopathic high potencies, completed construction and successfully put into operation. The requirements for such a potentizing machine „Potenziermaschine“ “are very complex. The system must ensure process reliability and run fully automatically 24 hours a day. In addition, the production of reliable and at the same time powerfully acting Korsakoff Potencies requires (single flask method for machine production of homeopathic potencies) a high consistency of stroke intensity and dilution ratio. The plant is operated by a PLC control, which monitors the production process and simultaneously documents the potentizing.

Potentizing machines were always used for the manufacture of drugs that could not be produced by hand due to their high dilution; it represents a subsidiary establishment of manual potentizing. In order to use a machine for the production of homeopathic potencies, it is essential to use the single flask method by Korsakoff. The change of bottles after each stage may be a technically very complicated and expensive process.

Small tolerances - big impact

The question of the proper name for high potencies produced by machine has been repeatedly discussed, but not their efficacy in therapy. Mathematically, the result of a dilution of a Korsakoff potentiation compared to the Hahnemann multiple flask method is identical, unless one assumes that 1/100 of drug solution adheres to the glass wall. In practice, however, small tolerances in the machine settings have a major impact on the degree of dilution of the drug. All discontinuously potentiating machines that apply the Korsakoff potentiation are often equated in terms of accuracy to the multiple flask method.