CATRA increases its developments, machinery and equipment for the field of homeopathy and pharmaceuticals! 24 hours conditioning service throughout Austria (07/17)

The CATRA GmbH is a research and development company in the field of pharmaceutical process and product development. At its headquarter in Salzburg, the custom tailored systems are developed and manufactured. The branch office in Graz provides simulation-based methods for the optimization of products and processes in all areas and for all starting materials (powders, granules and liquid and gaseous substances).

We live and understand the modern homeopathy, which was developed by Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century. Homeopathy, which follows the basic principles of its founder Hahnemann is called classical homeopathy. The treatment of patients is carried out with soft drugs that are administered in tiny concentrations. Homeopathy is a natural and therefore for the organism easily compatible alternative healing method, with which a variety of diseases can be treated successfully. In order to get a better understanding what homeopathy is about, one must know the homeopathic principles. Based on our knowledge of the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia, our understanding of homeopathy, Schüssler mineral salts, globules,… we are able to develop and adapt our machines and systems accordingly.

CATRA machines and equipment are of the highest Austrian quality and they process a variety of different products for various applications. Our processing methods guarantee best taste and energetically best values. Whether it comes to homeopathic medicines in liquid or powdered state or globules, capsules, tablets or food, we have the right system. Our services range from manually operated small systems up to large fully automated complete line for powder, beads, granules, tablets, capsules, dragees, sweetener, spices, herbs, tea, coffee, blends, granola and cereal, baby food, veterinary medicine and animal feed. Our 24-hour service throughout Austria for service and repair is highly appreciated by our customers. All equipment and plant systems can be manufactured in accordance with GMP. When developing new systems or applications, we work in close cooperation with our customers. Therefore, we are able to realize exceptional, sophisticated solutions.