XPS coater (RCPE GmbH)

Cutting edge features of XPS – eXtended Particel Simulation

After the signature of the cooperation contract between AVL List, RCPE and CATRA last November 2015, the distribution of XPS, the new, coupled CFD-DEM software, has started. This integrated numerical simulation software perfectly combines the unique product specifications of the GPU-based DEM solver XPS, developed by RCPE GmbH, and the multiphase CFD solver of AVL FIRE™, developed by AVL List GmbH. XPS is thus able to predict not only the behavior of several Millions of solid particles, but also their interaction with surrounding fluid flow in arbitrary complex geometries.

The advantages of using the new, coupled software can be summarized as follows:

  • Being able to predict and understand fluid-granular flow is necessary for many industries, e.g. process, pharmaceutical, food, plastics, chemical or minerals.
  • The coupled software allows allows faster product and process development, because simulation is faster, safer and, moreover, cheaper than Experiments.
  • The computational expense for large amounts of particles (up to 80 Mio.) is low, thanks to the GPU-based massive parallel architecture


  • Optimized to drastically reduce the computational demand per time-step and the memory consumption
  • The two codes run on separated computing platforms (CPUs and GPUs): the computing performance of each code is not affected by the other
  • Reduced transferred data amount between the DEM and the CFD codes, which depends only on the number of the DEM-cells and not on the number of particles
  • Working on deskside environment: workstation with multi-CPU + single/double GPU
  • Modular software design: highly extend- and configurable

Software specifications:

  • Fully developed Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Handling of complex geometries (STL)
  • Handling of many millions of particles (up to 80 Millions in single GPU)
  • Poly-disperse particles
  • Clumps (Multispheres), real-shape tablets
  • Heat Exchange
  • Spray modeling (coating, impregnation)
  • Validated DEM and CFD/DEM coupling