- Working on deskside environment: workstation with multi-CPU + single/double GPU
- Modular software design: highly extend- and configurable
- Optimized to minimize the computation time per time step and the memory consumption
- The two codes run on separated computing platforms (CPUs and GPUs): the computing performance of each code is not affected by the other
- Reduced transferred data amount between the DEM and the CFD codes, which depends only on the number of the DEM-cells and not on the number of particles


- Fully developed Graphical User Interface (GUI)
- Handling of complex geometries (STL)
- Handling of many millions of particles (up to 80 Millions in single GPU)
- Poly-disperse particles
- Clumps (Multispheres), Tablets
- Heat exchange
- Spray modeling (coating, impregnation)
- Validated DEM and CFD/DEM coupling